Pregnancy Food Scanner


TAKE CONTROL OF THE INGREDIENTS IN YOUR FOOD. Pregnancy Food Scanner is a powerful grocery shopping companion for pregnant women and their support teams. Your diet during pregnancy is very important, not only for yourself but also for your baby's growth and development. There are certain ingredients that you need, and some you want to avoid. Going through each food product's ingredient and checking if it's ideal for your health takes a lot of time and effort. With the Pregnancy Food Scanner, you need not read through dozens of ingredients list of each product just to ensure it's safe for you and your baby. Pregnancy Food Scanner allows you to: SCAN a food product's barcode (UPC) using your Android device's camera and identify its ingredients. CHECK if a product contains ingredients you want to avoid or are not good for your health, based on your personalized ingredient list. The ingredient information is powered by FoodEssentials, a partner with major food brands and the FDA. FOCUS on eating healthy, and enjoying a worry-free diet for you and your baby. WORK as a TEAM by sharing your preference to your husband, relatives, or personnel who help do the grocery shopping for you. Pregnancy is a very special phase women go through, and the Pregnancy Food Scanner takes a little work off you by helping you shop more efficiently.

Simplify Now, LLC


Simplify Now, LLC is an independent software development studio focused on simplifying everyday life through software. We chose the name Simplify Now because we are driven to make things more SIMPLE, and to make it happen NOW. In order to achieve this goal, we pay attention to what people need. We look for how technology can fill these needs and make people’s daily lives easier, and we build mobile apps to make that happen. We have a number of Android apps on Google Play and other app stores, such as: Pregnancy Food Scanner is our most ambitious app yet, providing a powerful assistant to help pregnant women take control of their grocery shopping. Simplify Now, LLC has been building Android apps in sunny Arizona, USA since 2010.