This is for
the FATHER who works day and night for his family,
the FATHER who endures not seeing his family just to provide for them,
the FATHER who choose to stay at home and take care of his children,
the people in our lives who stands as a FATHER.

We thank you,
for the paper planes and science projects,
for the baseball games and long Skype calls,
for the food, the clean bedroom, and the carpool,
for every sacrifices, time, effort, and love.

You are called THE FATHER not just because you’re the head of the family,
not just because you gave a part of you to make us happen,
not just because you do the repairs,
and certainly not just because you have strong muscles.

You are called THE FATHER because you are selfless,
because you don’t mind assembling our toys,
because you don’t mind the many questions we have,
because you don’t mind exchanging your game night with play night.

So thank you, for being a great father!
Today is your day, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!